Hydra Facial Serums pack of 3 400ml AS1, SA2, and AO3 Hydrogen Oxygen Facial Machine Serums

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Quantity: 400ml x 3 

Machine Serum: These serums are used in conjunction with beauty equipment such as the hydrogen oxygen facial cleaner. These serums can be used individually or in combination according to the need.

AS1: It is natural plant extraction. It helps in clearing dirt from your face. This peeling solution can improve the skin very well and leaves your face fresh and bright.

SA2: It effectively soothes and calms skin with cleansing power. It helps in reducing any irregularities and boosts the natural beauty.

AO3: It is fruitful in growth of healthy cells, improves softness, and provide necessary nutrition to the skin.

Multi-functions: These serums are efficient for multiple actions. They moisturize and nourish the skin to improve the immunity and stimulate nutrients supply for better results.


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