Jelly mask (650g Jar) for beauty salon ( Collagen, Vitamin C , Freshmint) Pack of 3

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Quantity : 650g

 Item: Pure Vitamin C 650g x 1 

                  Collagen  650g  x 1

                  Freshmint 650g x 1 

Step 1: Put about 10g-15g mask powder and Add 25-30ml of room temperate purified water ( or use our Rose Hydrosol in our store)

Step 2: Stir Quickly till creamy evenly in 1 to 2 minutes till no small particles.

Step 3: Apply to face , neck or other skin place(also can cover lips and eyes) within 4 minutes as it will solidify.

Step 4: Wait for 15-20 mins , wet the edges and peel off the film masking one piece from edge position.




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