Maybelline Clearance Colossal

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Brand: Maybelline

Item:  Mascara



  1. Achieve ultimate lash transformation with our revolutionary double pump wand, specially designed to inject an extra shot of volume onto our largest brush. Get ready for lashes that demand attention!

  2. Unleash the power of 20 times the collagen* in our mascara formula, delivering unparalleled volume and thickness. Experience lashes that go beyond bold and make a statement with every flutter.

  3. Prepare to be mesmerized as your lashes undergo a stunning metamorphosis, becoming 16 times more daring and captivating**. Our mascara intensifies your look with a 100% Leather Black shade, ensuring eyes that captivate and command attention.

  4. Effortlessly apply our mascara with the Mega Brush, gliding from the roots to the tips of your lashes. Watch as instant volume is created, transforming your eyes into a striking focal point. Prepare for compliments!

  5. Rest easy knowing that our mascara is proudly manufactured by Maybelline LLC, based in the bustling city of New York. This product is crafted with care in the USA, guaranteeing quality and performance you can trust. Keep it in a cool, dry place for maximum longevity and continued lash-enhancing results.



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