Kolinsky Acrylic Brush # 12

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  • Premium Kolinsky Sable Hair: The #12 Kolinsky Acrylic Brush boasts high-quality Kolinsky Sable hair, known for its exceptional durability, flexibility, and ability to hold and deliver acrylic paint smoothly.
  • Perfect Size for Versatility: With its size #12, this acrylic brush offers a versatile range of applications. It is suitable for various nail art techniques, allowing you to create fine details and intricate designs with ease.

  • Ideal for Acrylic Application: Specifically designed for acrylic applications, this brush is perfect for creating flawless and precise acrylic nail enhancements. Its fine tip allows for controlled product placement.

  • Ergonomic Design: The brush features an ergonomic design with a comfortable handle, ensuring ease of use and reducing hand fatigue during extended nail art sessions. The comfortable grip provides optimal control for intricate work.

  • Durable Ferrule Construction: The brush is equipped with a durable ferrule that securely holds the Kolinsky Sable hair in place. This construction enhances the brush's longevity, making it a reliable tool for professional nail artists.

  • Seamless Blending and Shaping: Whether you're blending colors or shaping acrylic extensions, the #12 Kolinsky Acrylic Brush allows for seamless and precise application. Achieve smooth transitions and well-defined shapes in your nail art designs.

  • Professional-Grade Results: Suitable for both professionals and enthusiasts, this brush is crafted to deliver professional-grade results. Elevate your nail artistry with a tool that meets the demands of the industry.

  • Easy to Clean: Keeping your tools clean is essential for maintaining their performance. The #12 Kolinsky Acrylic Brush is easy to clean with mild brush cleaner or acetone, ensuring its longevity and hygienic use.

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