SUN UV Lamp 300Watts Nail Lamp, SUN LED Nail Light Nail Dryer for UV Gel Polish Manicure Professional UV Gel Light Nail Curing Lamp with Timers, for Salon and Home

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 100% Authentic item 

  • Brand: SUN
  • 300 Watts UV Lamp 
  • It is the best product for the salon because it has the quickest soak off time.


Light source: dual light source UV / LED
The gel light has a beautiful and unique design look and a surface treatment gloss oil to make you feel better. More of this nail dryer features high power and smooth hand-cured nail lights.
Use 365 + 405nm dual-source LED lamp beads, the light is similar to the light waves required by sunlight, covering UV phototherapy glue, extending glue and LED nail polish.
48W high power LED phototherapy, fast curing nail polish, phototherapy glue, efficacy, etc., no eye injury, no black hand
It has a smart sensor that automatically turns on when you put your hand/foot inside and closes it when you remove it.

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