10pcs Golden Holo Nail Foils

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  • Brand New:
    • 100% new retail.
  • Weight:
    • Each pack weighs 5g.
  • Size:
    • Dimensions: 4 cm * 20 cm.
  • Color:
    • Holographic laser.
  • Package Content:
    • Includes 1 pack (10 pieces) of aluminum foil for nails.

How to Use:

  1. Nail Surface Preparation:
    • Begin by cleaning the surface of your nails.
  1. Apply Chameleon Shine Base:
    • Apply a base of chameleon shine to your nails.
  1. Foil Application:
    • Stick the aluminum foil onto the nails and cure it with a UV lamp or LED lamp.
  1. Cut and Apply:
    • Cut a piece of foil from the sheet and apply it to your nails, ensuring even coverage.
  1. Seal with Top Layer:
    • Seal the entire design with a top layer for a polished finish.


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