1MM Glitter 10 Nail Tapes (NA-132)

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1MM Glitter 10 Nail Tapes (NA-132):

  • Glitter Infused:

    • Features 1mm glitter for a dazzling and eye-catching nail decoration.
  • Versatile Tapes:

    • Set includes 10 nail tapes (NA-132) for a variety of creative applications.
  • Easy Application:

    • Effortlessly adhere the tapes to achieve unique and stylish nail designs.
  • Fashionable Nail Enhancement:

    • Elevate your nail aesthetics with the glittery and trendy touch of these tapes.
  • DIY Nail Art:

    • Perfect for DIY nail art projects, allowing you to express your creativity.
  • Professional or Personal Use:

    • Suitable for both professional salons and personal use, offering flexibility.
  • Enhance Your Style:

    • Instantly enhance your nail style with the glittery allure of these 1mm tapes.

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