20pcs Different Colors Nail Foils NA-299

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  • Aurora Nail Decoration Foils Set:
    • Quantity: 20pcs
    • Item: Nail Decoration Foil
    • Sheet Size: Approx. 4*20cm
    • Transfer Designs: Apply Nail Foil Glue
    • Color: As pictured
  • High-Quality Features:
    • 100% brand new and of high quality.
    • Creates a perfect "mixed metals" finish for any polish color.
    • Different colors yield various effects.
  • Easy Application:
    • Simple and user-friendly.
    • Suitable for both professionals and home users.
  • How to Use Aurora Nail Decoration Foils:
    • Prepare your nail bed by shaping, pushing cuticles back, and removing oils.
    • Apply a base coat and allow it to dry.
    • Apply nail polish in different colors for unique effects and let it dry.
    • Apply nail foil glue, cut a piece of foil, press it on your nails, and mix colors.
    • Remove the foil, and the pattern should stick to your nail.
    • If any part is missing, apply top coat to the uncovered area.
    • Once completely dry, seal it with a top coat for added protection.
  • Description:
    • Set includes 20 sheets with various colored designs.
    • No need to paint designs yourself; easy DIY application.
    • Great for nail art decoration with nail polish, UV gel, acrylic nails, etc.
    • Suitable for both professional salons and home use.
    • Provides a stunning effect, making nails shine and attractive.
    • Made of eco-friendly material, non-toxic, water-resistant, and easy to remove with nail polish.
    • Longer-lasting compared to normal stickers when sealed with a top coat.


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