Abody 9S 24W UV Nail Lamp for Fingernail and feet.




Brand: Abody 9S

Model Number : SUN9S

Material type : Polycarbonate & Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Item type: UV lamp 

Product Description 

Abody 9S UV lamps is more affordable and it have no longer curing times and require 2 minutes to cure all UV curable products including brands like CND Shellac. Melodysusie UV lamps is 100% High quality product. Abody 9S UV lamps is 24-watt UV Lamp. Abody 9S UV lamp has easy to use. Abody 9S UV Nail has a small screen, and display the time you have dried. and it is suitable for both hands and feet. Abody 9S  UV Lamp machine can be started automatically if you put your hand into the machine.

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