Acrylic DIY Home Mini Kit

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Acrylics kit with UV lamp and gel colors.

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Kit included:


✔️Acrylic liquid 60ml 
✔️Acrylic powder 15g
✔️Mini UV lamp
✔️15 UV gel Colors
✔️UV Top Coat
✔️5 Nail Tapes
✔️50 Pcs acrylic tips Clear
✔️50 Pcs Acrylic Tips Natural
✔️Nail filer
✔️Tip Cutter 
✔️Pusher tool
✔️Cuticle pin
✔️Finger seprator
✔️Acrylic Glue 
✔️Acrylic Brushes 2 pcs
✔️Acrylic forms 50pcs
✔️Gel remover wipes 10pcs

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