Acrylics Kit Professional or Home DIY 101




Kit Included!
✔️ Acrylic Powder Professional- Clear 30g
✔️ Acrylic Powder Professional- Pink 30g
✔️ Acrylic Powder Professional- White 30g
✔️Acrylic Liquid Professional 120ml
✔️ Acrylic Drilling Machine
✔️ Acrylic french false nails clear - pack of 50pcs
✔️ Acrylic french false nails white/natural- Pack of 50pcs
✔️ False nail cutter
✔️ White double dappen dish
✔️ Soft toe finger separator 2 pcs
✔️ False nail art practice finger
✔️ Wood stick 20 pcs
✔️ Colors of nail glitter/powder 12 pcs
✔️ Acrylic forms 20pcs
✔️ Small nail cleaning brush
✔️ Cuticle revitalizer oil
✔️ Pink nail file
✔️ Nail buffer 100/180
✔️Cuticle fork
✔️Dotting tool
✔️ Acrylic nail brush
✔️ Acrylic nail art brush
✔️ Nail stone wheel 2 pcs
✔️ Nail tapes 2 pcs
✔️ Nail sticker
✔️ Nail foil
✔️ Nail remover patches
✔️ Nail tissue
✔️ Nail curve tweezers

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