Arganmidas Color Protect Conditioner 450ml

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  • Arganmidas® color protection products offer three key benefits: forming a protective barrier, locking in hair color, and repairing damage for long-lasting luster.
  • Specially formulated ingredients address negative charge characteristics and damage in permed and dyed hair.
  • The milky white formula is versatile and suitable for all hair colors, eliminating the need for color-specific choices.
  • Simple application process: rinse with color protect shampoo, apply Color Protect Conditioner, wait 1-2 minutes, and rinse for vibrant, naturally locked-in fashion hair color.
  • Arganmidas® Color Protect Conditioner opens and repairs cuticles, improving hair texture without harmful chemicals.
  • Suitable for all bleached and dyed hair colors, ensuring 100% retention of beautiful hair color.

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