Arganmidas Color Protect Shampoo 450ml

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  • Wash your hair once with Arganmidas® color protection products and enjoy three benefits: forming a protective barrier, locking in hair color, and repairing damage for vibrant, long-lasting luster.
  • Unlike regular shampoos, Arganmidas® products are gentle on the scalp with milder ingredients, preventing irritation and minimizing cuticle damage during hair washing.
  • The special ingredients in Arganmidas® color protection products help close hair cuticles, addressing negative charge characteristics and damage in permed and dyed hair.
  • With nourishing and repairing ingredients and cationic neutralization, these products achieve color fixation and simultaneously solve hair damage issues.


  • Cleansing Excellence: Arganmidas® color protection products provide superior cleansing compared to regular shampoos.
  • Protective Barrier: Form a specialized protective barrier on the outermost layer of the hair, locking in the vibrant hair color.
  • Repair and Enhance: Go beyond basic cleansing to repair damage, brighten the hair, and promote long-lasting luster

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