BLS Bra Celine Wired And Light Padded

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Style: Navy Blue
Size: 32B
Rs.4,149 Rs.4,999


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Brand: Bristish Lingerie Studio 

Item:  Brs


  1. Embrace the ultimate comfort and breathability of the Celine T-shirt bra, crafted with innovative spacer fabric technology. Experience a sensation of uninterrupted ease all day long

  2. Bid farewell to discomfort and boob sweat, as the spacer bra's exceptional craftsmanship and advanced features prioritize proper circulation. Say hello to a moisture-free undergarment that keeps you feeling fresh.

  3. Elevate your style with the Celine T-shirt bra's delicate lace accents and impeccably smooth cups. It's a flawless fusion of fashion and comfort, tailored for the modern woman.

  4. Enjoy a sleek and elegant look with thin branding and shiny, slender straps. Embrace a lightweight feel and discover the remarkable softness that graces your skin.

  5. The Celine T-shirt bra boasts a perfect fit, thanks to the side bone detailing. Its spacer fabric technology ensures breathability, making it an ideal choice for daily office wear.

Remember to follow the care instructions:

  • Hand wash the bra to maintain its quality; avoid using bleach.
  • Opt for air-drying by hanging instead of tumble-drying.
  • Keep in mind that dry cleaning is not recommended.
  • To preserve the colors, wash dark shades separately.

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