BLS Bra Peony Breathable Wired And Light Padded

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Size: 34B
Style: Pink
Rs.4,149 Rs.4,499


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Brand: Bristish Lingerie Studio 

Item:  Bras


  1. Experience all-day comfort with our innovative T-shirt bra featuring spacer fabric technology, designed to keep you feeling fresh and breathable throughout the day.
  2. Our spacer bras combine exceptional craftsmanship and advanced technology to prioritize proper circulation, ensuring moisture doesn't accumulate under the bra, preventing discomfort and boob sweat.
  3. Indulge in delicate lace accents and smooth cups, available in a variety of flamboyant colors, allowing you to effortlessly blend fashion and comfort.
  4. Enjoy a sleek and stylish look with thin bands and shiny thin straps that provide a subtle and sophisticated aesthetic.
  5. This lightweight and super-soft bra feels gentle against your skin, with added side bone for a perfect fit, making it an ideal choice for daily office wear.

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