BLS Bra Ruby Breathable Wired And Light Padded

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Size: 34B
Style: Pink
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Brand: Bristish Lingerie Studio 

Item:  Bras


  1. Experience unparalleled comfort with our revolutionary T-shirt bra crafted using cutting-edge spacer fabric technology, designed to ensure breathability all day long.

  2. Say goodbye to unwanted moisture and discomfort! Our spacer bras prioritize proper circulation, preventing the build-up of moisture underneath, eliminating boob sweat and keeping you feeling fresh and confident.

  3. Indulge in elegance with delicate lace accents and smooth cups, available in a range of vibrant colors. Our bras offer the perfect fusion of fashion-forward style and uncompromising comfort.

  4. Enjoy a sleek and sophisticated look with thin, yet sturdy straps and a slim brand design that adds a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

  5. Experience a heavenly sensation against your skin, as our T-shirt bra feels weightless and incredibly soft, ensuring you stay comfortable all day long. Its side bone construction ensures a perfect fit, enhancing your natural curves with confidence.




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