Born Pretty Color Coat (03-Only You) 10ml




Born Pretty Color Coat 10ml - Gel Nail Polish


  • Vibrant Color Range: Born Pretty Color Coat offers a spectrum of vivid and trendy gel nail polish colors, ensuring a shade for every style and occasion.

  • High-Quality Formula: Formulated with a high-quality gel base, these colors provide excellent coverage, durability, and a professional finish.

  • Smooth Application: The gel polish glides on smoothly, allowing for easy and precise application, whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional nail artist.

  • Long-Lasting Shine: Enjoy a long-lasting, glossy finish that resists chipping, providing beautiful and vibrant nails for an extended period.

  • Quick Curing: Designed for quick curing under UV or LED lamps, allowing you to achieve salon-quality nails in the comfort of your home.

  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various nail art techniques, including gel overlays, full-color application, or intricate designs.

  • Easy Removal: Born Pretty Color Coat can be easily removed using standard gel polish removal methods without causing damage to the natural nails.

How to Use:

  1. Prep Your Nails: Ensure your nails are clean, dry, and shaped. Push back cuticles and lightly buff the nail surface.

  2. Base Coat Application: Apply a thin layer of Born Pretty Base Coat and cure it under a UV or LED lamp.

  3. Color Coat Application: Apply the Born Pretty Color Coat in thin, even layers. Cure each layer under the lamp before applying the next.

  4. Building Layers: For a more vibrant color, apply additional coats as needed, curing between each layer.

  5. Top Coat Finish: Finish with Born Pretty Top Coat for added shine and protection. Cure the top coat under the lamp.

  6. Cleanse: Wipe off any sticky residue with Born Pretty Gel Cleanser or rubbing alcohol.

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