Pack of 3-Born Pretty Nail Glitter and powder

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Product description:


"1 Box born petty Nail Glitter. Best used with No Wipe Gel Topcoat. We are committed to solve all issues in a friendly and acceptable manner."


Product detail:
Quantity: 1 Box
Capability: Approx. 1.5g-1.8g
Color: Different colors available, You can contact to our customer service for colors availability 

Package Insides:
1 Box Nail Glitter Powder

1.Apply base pigment (optional).
2.Apply a layer of special top gel, or other gel apex coat (non-wipe advised but not required).
3.Use a sponge tilted eyeshadow applicator, or a silicone brush to fit a thin layer of pigment onto nail surface.
4.Wrap Up with gel top coat.
Recommended to be used over gel topcoat and sealed with gel top coat. Best used with No Erase Gel Top Coat

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