Born Pretty Non-sticky Nail extension gel 15ml Pink

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  • Easy to Use:

    • Soft and elastic solid nail extension gel
    • Non-flowing like liquid gel, non-sticky on hands
    • Smooth and easy to apply without the need for additional tools
    • No nail brush, nail clips, nail tips, or slip solution required
    • Perfect for beginners, can be shaped freely for imaginative nail styles
  • Upgrade Solid Builder Nail Gel:

    • Solid texture, not sticky on hands
    • Suitable for nail extension, sculpting, molding, and more
    • Enhanced experience compared to traditional builder or poly nail gel
    • Versatile use as nail extension gel, sculpture gel, molding gel, and solid nail glue gel
  • Wide Usage:

    • Multi-functional solid extension nail gel
    • Ideal for nail extension, strengthening, sculpture, carving, and more
    • Can be used with nail powder, mixed with sequins or flowers, and as rhinestone glue gel
  • Long Lasting:

    • Lasts up to 21 days without peeling off
    • Environmental-friendly and anti-break materials ensure durability
    • Keep nails intact and complete for about 3 weeks
  • Skin Test and Contact Information:

    • Conduct a skin test before using to avoid discomfort
    • Contact the seller for any problems or concerns
  • Warm Tips:

    • Store solid building nail gel in a cool place
    • If frozen, soak the bottle in warm water for a few minutes
    • After UV/LED lamp cure, file the nail surface before adding other designs
    • Top coat gel polish is recommended for a finished look

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