Burberry Body Spray for Women EDT 85ml

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Brand: Burberry

Product Type : Perfume

Quantity: 85ml


Product Description

Burberry's Exquisite Scent Symphony: Green Apple, Rose, and Musk Dance in Harmonious Unison!

  1. Enchanting Top Notes: Be captivated by the delightful dance of Green Apple, Wormwood, and Peach as they infuse the air with a refreshing and invigorating aura. The crispness of Green Apple harmonizes with the alluring allure of Wormwood and the juicy sweetness of Peach, creating an unforgettable opening that beckons you to explore further.

  2. Sensuous Middle Notes: Immerse yourself in a sensual symphony of scents as the fragrance unveils its heart. Enveloped within are the timeless essences of Rose, Tea, and Sandalwood, each playing their own melodious part. The tender floral embrace of Rose, the comforting richness of Tea, and the woody elegance of Sandalwood combine to create a symphony of emotions that resonate deeply with your senses.

  3. A Captivating Finale: As the composition reaches its crescendo, prepare to be enchanted by the captivating finale. The base notes of Musk, Cashmere Wood, Vanilla, and Amber cast a spell of allure, leaving an indelible mark on the senses. The seductive warmth of Musk, the velvety softness of Cashmere Wood, the sweet embrace of Vanilla, and the magnetic allure of Amber culminate in a mesmerizing and enduring trail that lingers effortlessly.

  4. Uniquely Burberry: With every whiff, the fragrance unveils Burberry's signature touch of elegance and refinement. Like a finely tailored masterpiece, this scent is crafted to embody the brand's essence of sophistication, ensuring an exceptional olfactory experience that reflects the timeless heritage of Burberry.

  5. A Symphony of Individuality: Burberry's fragrance is more than just a symphony of notes; it's an ode to individuality. As the scents blend and harmonize uniquely with each wearer's skin, the fragrance takes on a distinctive persona, celebrating the uniqueness of every person who wears it. Step into the spotlight of individuality with Burberry's exquisite scent symphony, and let the fragrance narrate your own enchanting story.



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