Cigarette Lighter Watch- Flameless Electronic Cigarette Lighter Rechargeable

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Product detail

  • USB Dashed - Easily charged at your reception desk, in your car or from any driven USB port.
  • Watch Face: 4.2cm Width.
  • Watch Load: 58 g.
  • Wind resistant Lighter - Light cigarettes in all-weather environments.
  • Watchband Fabric: Leather; Watch Case Material: metal; Watchband Thickness: 1.8cm;
  • Watch Total Length: aprox 25cm


Product description:

  • Feature:
    It is a great opportunity to show your individual style with this distinctive lighting designed cigarette lighter. This cigarette lighter arrives with delicate exterior and practical function. It is trivial, small, and easy-to-take. The use of high quality material makes it safe and simple to use.
    1, Only 2 hrs per charge;
    2, Using high-performance polymer Al battery, it can charge and liberation about 500 times;
    3, USB charging electronic cigarette lighter windproof, protection, environmental protection, energy saving;
    5, The initial use of long periods of nonuse, attach the charger, then disconnect and reconnect the charger. After fully charged instantaneously disconnect the power source (generally full charge time is hrs). Do not leave a completely charged USB charging lighter is connected to the energy supply.

Package Content:( Jam-packed safely in bubble bag)
1 X Quartz Watch with flamless Cigarette Lighter

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