Dr Rashel 24K Gold Radiance & Anti-Aging Essence Mask 25 GM

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Brand: Dr Rashel 

Item: Mask 


  1. Experience the transformative power of our luxurious 24K Gold Mask. Immerse yourself in a skincare ritual that goes beyond expectations, as this mask works wonders on your skin.
  2. Unveil a smoother, more radiant complexion as our gold-infused formula delicately smooths skin tone and texture. Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles, as this mask effortlessly softens their appearance, revealing a youthful and revitalized look.
  3. Harnessing the remarkable properties of gold, this mask becomes your secret weapon against the signs of aging. Gold acts as a guardian, safeguarding your precious collagen and elastin from depletion, resulting in firmer and more elastic skin over time.
  4. Prepare to witness a true transformation as our mask stimulates cellular regeneration, encouraging your skin to renew and rejuvenate itself from within. Embrace the stabilizing power of this formula, as it fortifies your skin's immunity, creating a defense against external aggressors.
  5. Take a moment to pamper yourself and let the mask work its magic. Apply it carefully to your cleansed face, allowing it to envelop your skin for a blissful 15-20 minutes. After removing the mask, gently pat your face, feeling the instant surge of hydration. Any remaining serum is a precious elixir for your neck, shoulders, and hands, ensuring an all-around indulgence.

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