EVELINE Glicerini Bio Chamomile Hand & Nail Cream 100 ML

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  1. Intensely Repair and Hydrate: Our exceptional hand moisturizer goes beyond ordinary creams by effectively repairing and deeply hydrating your irritated and cracked hands. Experience the transformative power of its nourishing formula, packed with precious nutrients that bring immediate relief upon application.

  2. Unparalleled Soothing Comfort: Say goodbye to discomfort as our hand moisturizer provides unparalleled soothing comfort. Feel the calming sensation as the cream effortlessly soothes your skin, providing instant relief from irritation. Its high-quality ingredients work together to create a long-lasting, comforting effect that keeps your hands feeling rejuvenated.

  3. Reinforce and Beautify: Our hand moisturizer is more than just a skin-saver. Its rich formula goes the extra mile by reinforcing your nails, making them stronger and healthier. Say goodbye to brittle nails and hello to a revitalized appearance. Indulge in the luxurious experience of having not only soft, but also beautifully reinforced hands.

  4. Banish Dryness and Dehydration: For those struggling with dry and dehydrated hands, our hand moisturizer is a true game-changer. Its deeply nourishing properties penetrate the skin, tackling even the most stubborn dryness. Experience the remarkable transformation as your hand skin becomes incredibly soft and supple, free from any signs of dehydration.

  5. Illuminate and Unveil Silky Smoothness: Unlock the secret to brighter, more radiant skin with our hand moisturizer. Its unique formula not only moisturizes but also brightens your skin, leaving it with a healthy glow. Revel in the joy of having irresistibly smooth and velvety hands that feel truly indulgent to the touch. Treat yourself to the ultimate pampering experience and embrace the luxurious results of our exceptional hand moisturizer.



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