Eyelash Extension Kit Professional

Save Rs.3,095

Rs.22,500 Rs.25,595


✔️3 Trays of the most popular Salon Professional Synthetic Mink Individual Single Strand Lashes: .15 or .20 x 9 thru 12mm or the mixed length .15 and .20 x 7 - 14mm one tray each.
✔️Bonnie Planting Eyelashes glue 10ml
✔️Eyelash Extension Gel
✔️Glue Remover 10g
✔️Eyelash Cleansing pads 
✔️Needle Nose Tweezer Vetus
✔️Angular Tweezer Vetus
✔️Silicone Eyelash Pad Transparent
✔️10 Pcs of Eyelash Extension Eye Gel Patches
✔️50 Pcs Individual Disposable Micro Brush Applicators
✔️25 Pcs Glue Rings
✔️Eyelash Extension Air Blower
✔️Adhesive Nozzle Cleanser Special Designed for Eyelash Extension
✔️Eyelash Cleanser 120ml
✔️Eyelash Extension Tape
✔️Glue Sticker Sheet

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