Flocking Pots Set NA-19

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Flocking Pots Set for Acrylics:

  • Velvet Texture Enhancement:

    • Designed to add a luxurious velvet texture to acrylic projects.
  • Set of Flocking Pots:

    • Includes a set of pots filled with flocking material for versatile use.
  • Ideal for Acrylic Art:

    • Specifically crafted for acrylic projects, enhancing the tactile and visual appeal.
  • Variety in Textures:

    • Provides different flocking options for diverse artistic expressions.
  • Creative Possibilities:

    • Explore unique textures and effects for acrylic paintings, crafts, and DIY projects.
  • Easy to Apply:

    • Simple and effective application process for both beginners and experienced artists.
  • Transform Your Creations:

    • Elevate your acrylic art by incorporating the soft and tactile feel of flocking material

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