Hot Kiss Banana Lubricant Cream

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This product can play an unexpected role in sexual life, the effect is the body of normal secretions and saliva can not be compared in the life of the use of this product can promote both men and women burst out of strong sexual desire, but also as So that the couple sex life to achieve synchronization or women masturbation of the auxiliary products or medical examination when the lubrication, the catheter into the lubrication, endoscopy and other dry equipment into the human body when the lubrication.

One loaded, 30ml / bottle.
Usage and Dosage
Before or during sexual intercourse, squeeze the paste placed in the vagina or applied to the male penis, according to their own situation to adjust the amount. Fully suitable for use in condoms
1. More viscous, when used to put the bottle, the output down, press the pressure can be sprayed.
2. Keep the location in direct sunlight.
3. This product is topical, pregnant women disabled, children avoid touch.

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