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Brand: IKT Hair Wax Stick - Hun deals

Item Type: Hair Wax Stick

Quantity: 75g 

Product Description 

IKT hair wax sticks offer a convenient and natural hair styling remedy. Irrespective of your hair texture, this adaptable product has the capability to effortlessly refine unruly strands, enabling the creation of a refined and elegant appearance.

The attributes of the IKT hair wax stick encompass the following:

This natural hair wax doesn't cause fizziness or harden hair. Its distinctive formula maintains hair's flexibility while enriching its inherent shine, guaranteeing that your hair remains in optimal condition all day long. As a result, there's no longer a necessity to resort to wigs or endure unruly hair; a trip to the hairstylist is no longer imperative.

Ikt Hair Wax Stick can increase the texture of the hair and make the hair clean. The smell of Ikt Hair Wax Stick is so light and soft it keep your hair clean and tidy you can create a variety of styles and give smooth finish to your hair.


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