Ibcccndc Eyelash Perm Kit Professional Use




Brand: Ibcccndc

Product Description 

  • Ibcccndc Eyelash Perm Kit contain 4 steps
  1. Prem
  2. Fixation 
  3. Nutrition 
  4. Cleanser 
  • Ibcccndc Eyelash Perm Kit is use to apply false Eyelash hair between your real eyelashes. 
  •  Ibcccndc Eyelash Perm Kit it contain 1 false lashes glue, clean tool, lift pads.

How to Use Ibcccndc Eyelash Perm Kit 

First clean the Eyelash with four Cleansing Solution. Then put cotton pads on the lower eyelids. 

Next step is to apply the glue on cotton pad and use the y brush to set Eyelash to the pad.

Next step is to Apply prem lotion on Eyelash then cover with plastic film about 8 to 15 min.

After prem lotion clean then apply Fixing solution and then again cover with plastic film about 8 to 10 min.

After this clean the Eyelash lift pads and use Nutrition solution to Eyelash to give nourishment for 2 min.

After this use the 4 step cleansing to clean off all the prem solution and now complete.






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