Kryolan professiona make up Tv paint stick.1w. 2w,3w ivory shades available

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The tried and tried TV Paint Stick from Kryolan is a cream make-up with a unique base intended to create high exposure or light shading, as necessary. The make-up in the practical, sanitary twist cylinder is perfect for the stage, film, television, and filmmaking/video work. You can use your Kryolan TV Paint Stick to create a natural groundwork or new skin color, and to shape your face or add hints and highlights.

Use a moist sponge, a brush, or your touch to use the cream make-up in the TV Paint Stick. We propose fixing it with luminous powder in a suitable tone. Remove Kryolan TV Paint Stick make-up with any viable make-up remover, make-up cleans or soap and water.

Manufactured By: Kryolan

Product Load: 0.85 OZ (25 Grams)

Storage Education: Keep in chilly and dry place.

Package: Box

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