Maybelline Clearance Fit Me Foundation Ivory 115

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Brand: Maybelline

Item: Foundations & Concealers



Experience the epitome of customized face makeup, tailored exclusively to suit your unique features. Bid farewell to oils, waxes, and superfluous additives as you indulge in the revolutionary Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation. Immerse yourself in a seamless fusion of light to medium coverage, delivering a natural, radiant finish that celebrates your skin's true essence - fresh, breathable, and utterly flawless.

  1. Uncompromised Skin Harmony: With an innovative formula devoid of oils, waxes, and any unnecessary frills, this foundation effortlessly melds with your skin, harmonizing to create a flawless canvas that feels as natural as it looks. Say hello to a perfected complexion that is uniquely yours.

  2. Embrace your Skin's True Beauty: The exclusive translucent base and weightless pigments of Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation work in perfect harmony, allowing your skin's inherent beauty to shine through. Revealing the subtle interplay of its natural highs and lows, your complexion will exude an unparalleled radiance that captures attention.

  3. A Flawless Finish, Naturally: Crafted for those with normal to oily skin, this remarkable foundation is equipped with micro-powders that effortlessly control shine while simultaneously blurring the appearance of pores. Revel in a picture-perfect visage, complete with a seamless, natural finish that will have you glowing with confidence.

  4. Dermatologist Approved, Allergy Tested: Trust in the expertise of dermatologists who have put Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation to the test. Rest easy knowing that this product has undergone rigorous scrutiny to ensure its compatibility with your skin. Additionally, it has been allergy tested to provide reassurance even to those with sensitive skin.

  5. Unleash Your Natural Allure: Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation empowers you to embrace your individuality. As a non-comedogenic formula, it allows your skin to breathe freely without clogging pores, granting you the freedom to express yourself while maintaining a flawless complexion. Revel in the confidence that comes with knowing your beauty is both enhanced and protected.

Achieve perfection effortlessly with Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation. Simply apply the foundation onto your skin and blend with the utmost ease, either using your fingertips or a preferred applicator. Elevate your beauty routine to new heights and let your unique features shine with unparalleled radiance and grace.



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