Melodysusie UV lamps 36-watt 




Brand: Melodysusie

Item type: UV lamp 

Product Description 

Melodysusie UV lamps is more affordable and it have no longer curing times and require 2 minutes to cure all UV curable products including brands like CND Shellac. Melodysusie UV lamps is 100% High quality product. Melodysusie is 36-watt UV Lamp. Melodysusie UV lamp has a sliding tray that makes cleaning easy, and it sliding your hand in and out of the UV lamp without the risk of bumping your nails on the bulbs or to Create any mess. Melodysusie UV lamps has four UV bulbs which are easy to install and replace. Melodysusie UV lamp also made of ABS, which is a very durable material that won’t deform.

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