Micro Beads Pot In 3 Colors 10g

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Micro Beads Pot - 3 Colors (10g each):

  • Versatile Micro Beads:

    • Three individual pots of micro beads in different colors, offering variety for creative projects.
  • Perfect Size:

    • Each pot contains 10g of micro beads, providing an ample amount for various applications.
  • Color Variety:

    • Enjoy a diverse color selection, allowing for intricate and vibrant designs.
  • Ideal for Nail Art and Crafts:

    • Suitable for use in nail art, DIY crafts, and other creative projects.
  • Easy to Handle:

    • Micro beads are easy to handle and apply, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced crafters.
  • Compact and Convenient:

    • The compact size of each pot ensures convenience in storage and application.
  • Enhance Your Designs:

    • Elevate your creations with the addition of these micro beads, adding texture and dimension to your projects

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