Nutrifactor Bonex-D

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Brand: Nutrifactor

IItem type:  Calcium & Vitamin D3




Heading: Build Strong Bones and Teeth with Nutrifactor's Bonex-D

1. Enhanced Calcium Absorption for Healthy Bones: Nutrifactor's Bonex-D is specially formulated to support the efficient absorption and utilization of calcium into your bones. By ensuring optimal calcium levels, this supplement promotes the development and maintenance of strong, healthy bones that are crucial for an active lifestyle.

2. Safeguard against Bone-related Disorders: With Bonex-D, you can reduce the risk of debilitating conditions such as rickets, osteomalacia, and osteoporosis. The potent combination of Calcium and Vitamin D3 works in harmony to fortify your bone structure and prevent the onset of these ailments.

3. Hormonal Balance and Blood Pressure Regulation: Beyond its bone-strengthening benefits, Bonex-D plays a role in supporting hormonal balance and regulating blood pressure. A balanced hormonal profile is essential for overall well-being, while controlled blood pressure contributes to cardiovascular health.

4. Powerful Defense against Muscle Spasms: Bonex-D's calcium content acts as a natural shield against muscle spasms. By maintaining proper calcium levels in your body, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of experiencing painful muscle contractions, ensuring better mobility and comfort.

5. Tailored to Your Needs: Bonex-D is a perfect choice for individuals dealing with bone and teeth disorders, osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and postmenopausal symptoms. Its unique blend of Calcium and Vitamin D3 addresses specific concerns, making it an ideal dietary supplement for both men and women.

Take the first step towards stronger bones and teeth - incorporate Nutrifactor's Bonex-D into your daily routine and experience the remarkable difference it can make to your overall health and vitality.


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