Rica Green Apple Wax for Sensitive Skin

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Size: 400 ML
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Brand: Rica

Item Type : Waxing Kits & Supplies


  1. Green Apple Zest: Embrace the uplifting essence of Green Apple, a fragrance that awakens your senses and breathes new life into your soul. Its crisp aroma creates a refreshing aura, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized.

  2. Gentle Care for Sensitive Skin: We understand the struggles of sensitive skin—those pesky allergic reactions or irritations can be quite bothersome! That's why our product is specifically crafted for individuals like you, providing a soothing and gentle touch, so you can indulge in a delightful waxing experience without worry.

  3. Nature's Nourishment: Infused with the goodness of Opuntia and Argan Oils, Aloe, and Almond Oil, our unique formulation boasts exceptional moisturizing properties. These natural wonders work harmoniously to nourish and pamper your skin, ensuring it stays smooth and supple after each waxing session.

  4. Say Goodbye to Sticky Waxes: Tired of those sticky and messy waxes that make you cringe? With our specially designed formula, you can bid farewell to that sticky ordeal. We've crafted this product to provide an extra layer of protection while reducing stickiness, ensuring a clean and hassle-free waxing process.

  5. Confidence in Every Application: Feel confident and assured as you apply our RICA liposoluble waxes for sensitive skin. Our commitment to quality, safety, and effectiveness means you can trust our product to deliver excellent results, leaving your skin glowing and radiant, free from any unwanted reactions.

So, pamper yourself with the invigorating aroma of Green Apple while giving your sensitive skin the love and care it deserves with our uniquely tailored RICA liposoluble waxes. Experience the difference in every application and let your skin glow with confidence!



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