Rica Legs & Body Cold Wax Strip Lemon 20 Strips

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Brand: Rica

Item type: Waxing Kits & Supplies



  1. Effortless Hair-Free Wonder: Embrace the simplicity of our fruity wax strips! Experience the epitome of hair removal convenience in delicate areas, offering you long-lasting results that will leave you amazed – all within mere minutes. Dermatologically tested for your utmost confidence.

  2. Swift, Lasting Elegance: Say goodbye to unwanted hair with ease! Our fastest and simplest waxing solution ensures a smooth, hair-free experience that will stand the test of time. Enjoy the luxury of delayed hair regrowth and relish in the velvety softness of your skin.

  3. Unveil the Secret Technique: Prepare to be mesmerized by the magic behind our method! Soften the wax strips by gently rubbing them between your palms. Effortlessly apply the strips, then pull them off like a pro, following the direction of hair growth. The result? An enchanting, hair-free you!

  4. Show Your Skin Some Love: Pamper your skin with our moisturizing after-care wipes, leaving your delicate areas irresistibly soft and smooth. Dermatologically tested to ensure your skin's happiness, our unique formula makes you feel like you're walking on air.

  5. The Art of Flawlessness: Perfect your waxing prowess with our step-by-step instructions. Dust your skin lightly with talcum powder for optimal results. Warm up the strips between your hands, applying them like a pro for flawless results. Hold your skin taut, and with one swift motion, bid farewell to unwanted hair! Banish excess wax effortlessly, and remember – always pull parallel to your body, as the illustration unveils your path to sheer elegance.

So, why wait? Embrace the allure of hair-free skin today, and let our delightful fruity wax strips whisk you away to a world of smooth, silky enchantment. Unleash the magic of our waxing wonder and revel in the confidence it brings!



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