Rica Lemon Hard Wax 1000 GM

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Brand: Rica

Item type: Waxing Kits & Supplies


  1. Double the Delight: This incredible package boasts not one, but two sets of four disc trays each, giving you a whopping total of eight trays! Now you can indulge in a waxing extravaganza without worrying about running out of supplies.

  2. The Art of Effortless Waxing: Say goodbye to the hassle of using cloth or paper strips! Our specially formulated wax is applied in a sumptuously thick layer, which sets and hardens upon cooling. The best part? Removal is a breeze for your therapist, thanks to our wax's magical touch - just fingertips are all they need!

  3. Gentle Care for Sensitive Skin: For those with delicate skin types, we've got you covered! Our wax is like a gentle guardian angel for sensitive skin, providing relief from allergic or irritant reactions to beauty products. And that's not all – even environmental triggers like plants or foods won't stand a chance against this soothing, healing wonder.

  4. Uniquely Enriching Formula: What sets our wax apart from the rest? It's not just hair removal; it's a pampering experience! Infused with exceptional moisturizing properties, it leaves your skin feeling nourished and rejuvenated, like a spa treatment in the comfort of your home.

  5. Rica Hard Wax - Unleash Your Beauty Confidence: With its unparalleled effectiveness and luxurious care for sensitive skin, this wax is your ultimate beauty secret. Embrace the confidence of flawlessly smooth skin, ready to conquer the world with every stride!

So, treat yourself to this remarkable Rica Hard Wax and revel in the absolute joy of hair removal while enjoying the incredible benefits it brings to your sensitive skin. Unlock the beauty within and let your radiance shine through!



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