Rica Orange Hard Wax 1000 GM

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100% Original Product 

Brand: Rica

Item type: Waxing Kits & Supplies



  1. Exceptional 2 x 4 Disc Trays: Unlock the magic of hair removal with not just one but two sets of our top-notch 4 Disc Trays! Embrace the ease and efficiency of our innovative design, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience every time.

  2. Unparalleled Waxing Experience: Prepare to be wowed as our specially formulated wax glides onto your skin with a luxurious, thick touch, leaving you in awe of its effortless application. Bid farewell to cumbersome cloth or paper strips, as our wax hardens to perfection, granting your therapist the power of easy removal, all with the gentle caress of their fingers.

  3. For the Most Delicate Skin: When we say sensitive, we mean it! Our wax is a sanctuary for those with allergic or irritant reactions to products. But that's not all— even those vulnerable to environmental triggers like plants or foods will find solace in our premium product. Embrace the freedom of worry-free waxing with Rica Hard Wax, where soothing and healing properties abound.

  4. Unravel the Mystery of Sensitive Skin: Discover the secret to a hassle-free and indulgent waxing experience tailored for sensitive souls. Let us redefine your expectations as we unlock the true meaning of sensitive skincare. Rica Hard Wax goes beyond conventional products, ensuring a unique and unparalleled waxing journey.

  5. Experience the Elegance of Rica: Beyond waxing, it's an art form. Delight in the beauty of hair removal with our mesmerizing 2 x 4 Disc Trays. Picture yourself basking in the harmony of our carefully crafted formula, leaving your skin velvety-smooth. Whether you're new to the world of sensitive skincare or a seasoned enthusiast, let Rica Hard Wax enchant you with its magical touch and undeniable charm.


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