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Best for: This electric slimming massager utilizes small electric currents to reflexology the body. The mini massager is a perfect solution to relieve stiff shoulders, neuralgia and muscular pain. Apply the digital massager every time you wish ease and recover from exhaustion. However, if you tolerate from any chronical heart, blood vessel, skin or any other ailments, please consult your doctor before using this transportable slimming massager.

eight massage types: You can choose any of the 5treatment methods: tapping, variation, kneading, this slimming massage machine offers. The waveform and frequency will vary instinctively for an even more relaxed massage when you choose one of the pre-set slimming massage courses this electronic body massager can offer. It is suggested to always start with low strength activities and then progressively increase force and speed of the numerical massager for back, neck and bears.

Easy to use: Connect electrodes to pads, plug up them into the upper, and lower back massager. Fix electrode pads of the digital massager to the region of the body you wish to be massaged and turn on the body slimming massager. Note that the body, hand and feet massager would not work on damp skin; please get rid of all drops before employing the pads of the soothing and anti-cellulite massager.

Portable: It is easy to power this mini massager for specific and pair utilize with two AA batteries. This mini massager weighs only 211 g and it is exceptionally comfortable to take with wherever you leave. Use this blue malleable slimming massage machine at home or office but never for the duration of driving a vehicle.

Box includes: Slimming massager, 2x AAA batteries, Swift start guide

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