Spider gel for nail art white

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  • Description:
    • Quantity: 0.5oz/14.17g
    • Color: White
  • Dan's White Spider Gel:
    • Offers a huge elastic consistency ideal for creating fine lines resembling a "spider web."
    • Perfect for achieving special and trendy nail designs with precision.
  • Superior Quality Spider Gel:
    • Specifically designed to meet the needs of nail technicians and salons.
    • Cutting-edge technology ensures outstanding elasticity, resulting in perfect lines.
    • Unmatched quality and consistency, minimizing line breakages compared to competitors.
  • Easy Application and Long-Lasting:
    • Easy to apply with lasting results for over 4 weeks.
    • Soak-off formula for convenient removal.
  • UV/LED Gel:
    • Cures under a UV/LED nail lamp for 60 seconds.
  • How to Use:
    • Apply gel nail polish as a base and cure for 60-90 seconds.
    • Use a dab pen to take the right amount of spider gel for tracing lines.
    • Create your own designs and cure for 60-90 seconds.
    • Apply Dan's Nails Top Coats and cure for 60-90 seconds.
    • Result: Precious finish.
  • Variety of Creative Options:
    • Four available colors to meet various creative needs.
    • Enables versatile designs from dots to lines, allowing for unique nail art expressions.
  • High-Quality, Non-Toxic Formula:
    • Gel polish resin with low odor.
    • Ensures a high-quality, non-toxic, and harmless application.

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