Stretch marks and scar removal cream

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Stretch Mark And Scar Remover Cream has been made to stimulate cell redevelopment, increase fiber flexibility, effectively repair necrotic tissue, stretch marks, fatness pattern, growth pattern, so that the pigment of skin texture improvement. Boost metabolism and blood circulation, improve skin elasticity and firmness, rebuild skin elasticity, highly nourish the skin, make up the skin smoother and whiter, non-greasy texture nourishes the skin quickly grasped, can wear apparel immediately after use. To stretch marks, fat line-ups say farewell now!


INGREDIENTS:  Pure natural plant method, Cantele Asiatic (repair crust, melanin), vitamin E (for the skin to infuse more nutrition), small particles beans collagen

(collagen supplement increase flexibility). No alcohol, stain, lead-free, mercury-free, no chemical smells added, in safe hands with no side effects.


USAGE: 1-2 occasions a day, evenly applied on the stomach, thighs, bottoms and other parts, and rubdown in circular motions until absorbed. Suggested daily stick better.

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