Sun T6 UV Lamp for Nails 24 watt

Save Rs.4,850

Rs.4,650 Rs.9,500


  • SUN T6 NAIL LAMP specializes in UV LED graded nail dryers, a brand trusted by over million professionals and salons globally for its premium quality and ease of use.
  • Quick Drying and Wide Compatibility with minimum curing time
  • Extra Fast curing with all your favorite nail gel brands from beginner to professional grades
  • Exact curing time of your nail polishes, bases, top coating and gels
  • SUN T6 NAIL LAMP is a fingernail & toenail ready dryer, equipped with maximum LED beads
  • Smart sensor and adjustable timer allows the automated curing process to start without manual operations
  • SUN T6 NAIL LAMP is ideal for home and salon use, it takes your manicure and pedicure experience to a whole new level


  • Please plug the AC Power adapter into an electrical outlet after you connect it with the nail lamp

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