TRESemmé Condition Revitalize Color for Color Treated Hair - 828ML

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Brand: TRESemme 

Product type  Conditioner

Quantity: 828ML


  1. Enhance the longevity of your hair color and maintain its vibrant allure with the exceptional color care conditioner we offer. This remarkable product is designed to make your hair soft while ensuring your hair color lasts, so you can flaunt your beautiful, vibrant locks for longer.

  2. Our carefully crafted color care conditioner is enriched with the nourishing properties of sunflower seed oil and the invigorating essence of Hibiscus. These natural ingredients work harmoniously to condition and protect each dyed strand of hair, leaving your colored tresses radiating with lasting vibrancy.

  3. We take pride in creating a conditioner that not only revitalizes your color-treated hair but also adheres to the highest standards of ethical hair care. That's why our color care conditioner is proudly free from Parabens, Mineral Oils, and DMDM Hydantoin, ensuring a hair care routine that is both effective and compassionate.

  4. Discover the power of our advanced color vibrancy technology, integrated into the TRESemmé Revitalize Color system. With this innovative system, your hair color will stay vibrant for up to 8 weeks*, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your hair color investment for an extended period. Say goodbye to premature fading and hello to long-lasting, captivating color.

  5. Experience the transformative effects of our salon-level technology, featuring amino acids and ceramide. With continuous use, this cutting-edge technology makes your hair smoother, more manageable, and 3x easier to style*. Enjoy the benefits of effortlessly styled hair while relishing in the softness and manageability of every single strand.

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