Venalisa Acrylic Polygel hard gel quick building Poly gel 45g




Product Description

Venalisa Acrylic Poly nail gel is hard gel quick building Poly like gel .It is no odor and no toxic and Suitable for Professional, Nail salon, Nail art school, Nail art artist and Home use but nail tools must be used when you make a Camouflage nail.

How to Use

Select your suitable shape and size false nail tip. Squeeze just the right amount of hard builder gel out of the tube, slice product with your brush. Roll product onto the nail and then Stick the false nail tip to your real nail and make sure it fully plying-up and than Apply a thin coat of top coat and Cure for 30 seconds by LED Lamp . Again trim the shape and polish your nails.

Time duration

Venalisa Acrylic Poly nail gel lasting up to a month and Easy to use at home as well

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