Facial Beauty Device with hot and cold feature

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Product detail

Colour: white&pink
Material: stainless steel surface & plastic body
Item size: approximately.172*65*35mm
Ideal environment: Relative temp <80% Temp5°C
Power: 0.1w
File position: 2 files
Power Source: CR 2032 battery

Product description:
Product result:  stiffening, cleansing, moisturizing, whitening, creaming, anti-wrinkle, exfoliation reparation, anti-aging, , inspirational, transformation, decontamination, puffiness, alleviates melanin, recovers skin texture and diminishes pores

Iontophoresis device:
Unique and stylish design
Ionic initiation, massage skin vaguely, removing skin crinkles
Combining with physical tremor massage and ionic liberating technology
Ion cleaning function which is fortified with strong vibration massage, deep spotless and feel contented

Involuntary working when the head touch the skin
Ion and high-frequency upsurge release energy together to arouse skin to encourage new collagen
Use the distinguishing of positive and negative ions electrode stage, export dirt, intensely clear the skin
Mortality design head, much appropriate for the dark eye circles, fine furrows around the eyes, nose and mouth
New-generation high-frequency ion attractiveness device, especially design for the beautifying company used to lead the wrinkle elimination, skin bleach and skin care products

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