Eye Mask Gold Mask Dark Circle Anti-Aging

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Condition: 100% brand name new

Color: golden

1) Wash and dry your face

2) Peel off the synthetic from the spectacles

3) The patch up under the eyes

4) Use 2-3 times a week, for around 30 minutes to wear

5) Eliminate the patch, do not reprocess them


Product description:

1 finger will gradually remove the mask, evenly Fuyu all around the eyes, the excess air introduced, after 15-30 minutes remove, no necessary to wash the face, to other protection procedures.

2 cold storage after use can provide unparalleled skin refreshing mood after use, let you feel the skin is more graceful and visible.

3 can be utilized every day

4 lock up hydraulic super humidity is not easy to disappear, and the botanic composition will not affect skin allergies.

5 because of the superb coverage of this product, the use of regular work, not a litter of time.

6 with time and warmth and more use thinner, make the skin more flexible showed bright white glow.

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