Finishing Touch Hair Remover

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Finishing Touch claims to be an “instant, pain free hair remover.” ... The Yes! by Finishing Touch is a hair removal beauty device that can be used anywhere on your body, and claims to help you avoid painful, smellyremoval methods, such as waxing, laser, or electrolysisProduct description:

  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery-operated, dry shave, lighted, charge marker light, battery-operated
  • Forget painful trimming, tweezing and waxing. No more excruciating or smelly hair removal techniques
  • No more dents, cuts, bumps or burns. Dermatologist suggested
  • For use : bikini line, upper lip, under arm, legs, face. For hair type: all hair types, fitness concern: hair removal
  • Use anywhere there's unnecessary hair - safe on all skin types and shades. Silhouette design for tricky areas. Compact and convenient


High quality
Works efficiently
Device system
Long lasting outcomes
Handy & Compact
Simple to use


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