Rica Sugar Wax for Sensitive Skin

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Size: 400 ML
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Brand: Rica

Item type: Waxing Kits & Supplies


  1. Centuries of Elegance: Behold the ancient legacy of the sugar wax recipe, meticulously crafted in the heart of Egypt's historical wonders. Unchanged through time, its age-old ingredients remain a precious treasure for those seeking a natural touch, especially for the most delicate skin.

  2. Innovative Revival: Witness the visionary metamorphosis of the traditional formula, as Rica breathes new life into the legendary wax. With relentless dedication, they refine and elevate its performance to transcend even the loftiest expectations.

  3. Embrace Your Sensitivity: For those whose skin speaks the language of sensitivity, Rica Honey Film Wax emerges as a sanctuary of solace. A sanctuary specially crafted for those susceptible to allergies and irritations, and even those who endure the rashes of external elements. Embrace its remarkable embrace of moisturizing, soothing, and healing prowess. Its fragrance-free and colorless nature is a testament to its unparalleled purity.

  4. Ancient Wisdom, Modern Marvel: Unravel the secrets passed down from the sands of time, where sugar wax found its roots in ancient Egypt. Today, with Rica's artful innovation, the past meets the present, and this elixir of natural response thrives like never before.

  5. The Empowering Elixir: Bestowed with the power to enrich sensitive skin, Rica Honey Film Wax symbolizes resilience and empowerment. Embrace the unique and exceptional, as this extraordinary creation stands tall, catering to the very essence of natural beauty with



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